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RES statement regarding Culachy Wind Farm - 27/04/2018

A Reporter appointed by the Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) has rejected an appeal for Culachy Wind Farm, a 13-turbine project located approximately five kilometres to the south east of Fort Augustus in Scotland.

RES, the Glasgow based renewable energy company behind Culachy expressed its disappointment that a project that could have created a £3.6 million boost to the local economy has not been given the go-ahead.

Culachy was recommended for approval by Highland Council’s planning officers in 2015 and is located in an area identified by The Highland Council as being suitable for wind farms. RES designed the wind farm so that it sat within a bowl in the landscape and would not have been seen from Loch Ness.

Lucy Whitford, Development Director: “Wild land is important but the Scottish Government’s Energy Strategy doesn’t preclude development where a balance can be struck between environmental protection and maximising the significant benefits of Scotland’s renewable energy resources. Culachy is located adjacent to the Beauly-Denny transmission line and we believe it achieved an appropriate balance.

“RES had planned to bring Culachy forward as a subsidy-free project without the need for a Government subsidy. At a time when there is a sharp focus on electricity prices, Culachy would have delivered least cost energy to the benefit of consumers for years to come.”