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Although wind turbines would be highly visible from some distance in an empty landscape, other existing structures like buildings, trees and hedgerows can make a significant difference to the actual view. RES pays careful consideration to the positioning of turbines in the existing landscape, resulting in a well-designed wind farm that minimises visual impacts.

As part of our pre-application studies, we have asked our consultants to undertake a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment.  As a result, a 'Zone of Theoretical Visibility' (ZTV) map is produced which colour-codes areas where the turbine can be seen from - this analysis does not take into account the screening effects of vegetation, buildings or other surface features.  Part of this process involves taking photographs from a range of viewpoints and using computer modelling to work out exactly where the wind farm can be seen from in relation to other existing structures in the area.

The resulting photomontages show accurately and to scale how Culachy Wind Farm will look from various viewpoints in the areas surrounding the site.  The photomontages listed below are a selection from the captured viewpoints, all of which are included in the Environmental Statement as part of the planning submission.

Please click on the images below to view at a larger size.